Monday, 30 June 2008

An engineer would say the glass is 50% too big, or hostel living as told in Pros and Cons

Pro: Conveniently located near the shopping of Tottenham Court Road, the nightlife of Soho, and the late-night kebab stands on Oxford Street
Con: Jammed in among the shoving crowds of Tottenham Court Road, the overpriced clubs of Soho, and the obnoxious drunk crowds on Oxford Street

Pro: It's like being back in the dorms!
Con: It's like being back in the dorms!

Pro: Cheap
Con: Smells like feet

And the Cons have it. It's time to trade the jungle of the hostel for the urban jungle of the East End.


Neva said...

Sounds like a good move. Stay safe over there yankee. ~ Mom

Ashley said...

What's wrong with the smell of feet?

This is completely unrelated, but when you get back you have to show me how to make a cup of English tea!