Saturday, 5 July 2008

"It's not a party until someone spills a beer on you"

Fourth of July booze cruise. On the Thames.

Translation? Brilliant.

Abby, a Louisiana native and my co-intern at work, talked me into BUNAC's Fourth of July "booze cruise," which was attended by something like 300 drunk Americans and American wannabes.

We all need a little peer pressure sometimes.

At work that day, one of my co-workers asked what it was we were celebrating independence from. "Well," I said. "You." Then we left work two hours early for the cruise. (Whoops.) My only regret is that we forgot to buy some tea to toss overboard.

And just when you thought a booze cruise couldn't get any better, I won a free day trip from the group International Friends in the raffle drawing! So now I need to figure out where to go. I was thinking the Stonhenge, Salisbury and Avery day trip. Thoughts, anyone?


Ashley said...

Ooh fun! Why did you need peer pressured into THAT?! Haha.

Congrats on winning a day trip!

Laura said...

I love peer pressure, and you do too!

Leaving work 2 hours early for a booze cruise? Totally British. :)

YAY daytrip!