Saturday, 18 October 2008

Home sweet home

Nearly two months after I moved in, you can finally check out my new flat.

I've traded in the Nigerian hair salons, Turkish kebab shops, Western Union offices, and the occasional bum of my old neighborhood, South Hackney, for the wholesale shoe stores, Vietnamese noodle shops, mosque minarets, and the occasional strip club of my new neighborhood, Haggerston. I love it so far: great flatmates, closer to work, and right around the corner from 1) Haggerston Park—which I can see from my window—and its Hackney City Farm, 2) Regent's Canal, which is great for a run all the way to Victoria Park, and 3) the Sunday-morning Columbia Road Flower Market, just south of Hackney Road.

If you had been here the other night, you would have witnessed a delicious pumpkin bread and my first-ever coq au vin:
That's oregano, fennel, and two basil plants in the window box. Any other herb and spice suggestions for the other window box?
Notice the regular door and the iron-bar door. Each morning, I have a moment of panic when, after going out the regular door and closing it behind me, I fear that I've left my keys inside and trapped myself between the regular door and the iron door:
The view into the neighboring courtyard and into Haggerston Park from my bedroom window:

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Ashley said...

Hey... I didn't get credit for supplying the pumpkin bread recipe!