Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Some London of my favorite experiences, organized by the five senses

Heard: The sounds of post-iftar prayers wafting from the back room while I waited for my doner at a kebab shop on Hackney Road.

Saw: Fireworks after a free Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performance in Shoreditch Park.

Smelled: Flowers of every kind jammed along Columbia Road for the Sunday-morning flower market. Walk down to the market from my flat and stroll slowly through the packed stalls and shouting vendors, think about buying a small basil plant to put on the windowsill, sip my £1.70 latte, maybe get a 90p filled bagel down on Brick Lane. Sublime.

Tasted: Everything in Borough Market: fresh fruit, samples of cheese, chorizo, baguette sandwiches full of all the Thanksgiving fixings, beer, hot cider, two-for-one wine specials, wild mushrooms, yuppie pies, and possibly the best fish and chips I've had in London.

Felt: The wind whipping across my face when I walk over London Bridge on the way to the office in the morning. On the left I can see the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the HMS Belfast, and City Hall; in front of me I can see Southwark Cathedral and buildings being torn down to make way for The Shard; on my right I can see Tate Modern and St. Paul's Cathedral. Awesome.

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Ashley said...

Kebab shop! YUM!